Design, prototype and production

Our unique PlushleLab Norm enables your idea to turn into reality with an incredible low cost of design and MOQ.

Designed by market-oriented

We’ve taken Huggable Nature as the center of our design concept, working with excellent plush designers all over the globe.
  • Based on our data analysis and in-depth understanding to the plush market, we’re able to give the designers reasonable advice of specifications and guidance.
  • The plush products designed by us are market-oriented, meanwhile, it combines the designer’s unique aesthetics ideal and style.
  • Surely, the most important thing is that it can perfectly convey your commercial ideal. It has a unique appearance and it belongs to you.

Prototype for 20+ years

The design director of PlushleLab has an experience of designing and making prototypes for over 20 years.
  • He used to work for one of the top global plush toy companies.
    He is able to transform the designer’s drawing perfectly into real object appearance.
  • Through his deep industry accumulation, we’re able to pick the most suitable material and structure for your plush product within a designated price range.
  • We treat each sample as making an artwork. Even if you only want to make a plush toy valued 10 dollars.

Production of even one plush product

We serve small business and mini commercial organizations. We would like to help you with the production of even one plush product.
  • 83% of our customers’ first order have not exceeded 500 pcs and 28% of the customers’ order are only 50 pcs.
  • We have the best soft plush supply chain in China, which enables us to produce products from 50 pcs to 50000 pcs easily. In each quantity section, our quote and quality are perfect and match the PlushleLab Norm.
  • We can help you explore the market with the minimum cost. No matter which stage of development your are in, we will be able to become your most reliable partner.

"You may pick one of the designers you prefer among all designers in our data base. Each designer has passed the verification of PlushleLab Norm. He is able to design the plush product in your mind out. "

Adam Wang ,Head of Product Design at Plushle

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