Three Commonly Seen Plushies and Reasons for Popularity

There are plenty of toys, but plush toys probably have the deepest bond with us in our life. Even today with various electronic toys, plush toys are still able to occupy a place.

Nowadays, people tend to pursuing high quality of life, they have higher requirement to the plush toys that are accompanying them. One aspect is the material of plush, raising higher requirement to both manufacturers and the business owners. They must know the plush material very well. The other aspect is that people have increasing need to pursue individuality. They won’t be satisfied with the existed plush styles in the market, but they also pursue plush toys of‘exclusive characteristics’. For example, they may ‘materialize’ their idol into a plush toy.

Due to the current complex plush market, the plush toys are made in different plush material. Now we’ re going to take a look at the most commonly seen material as well as why they are popular among people. By doing this, I believe it could help all manufacturers and business owners understand the current trend to select the most suitable plush material to meet the requirement of individuality and gain good effect.

  1. Unique Velboa

Unique Velboa is a material full of standing plush to form a flat surface. So it is also known as velveteen. It has good resilience and the surface is not easy to pilling or wrinkling. It feels soft and smooth with strong characteristics of softness. It has best thermal protection for its thick hair. This material is friendly to people’s weak skin so it is often the first priority to the customers for its comfortability and safety.

The toys made of unique velboa have many advantages. The fabric is also of high quality. Currently, this type of material has been widely used within the globe for the designing of classic animation characters and plant-like plush toys. Unique velboa is able to vividly show the characteristics of a plush toy with high simulation for its short pile height. It is now the most popular material in the market because it is often adopted for producing people’s favourite plush toys of anime characters.

  • Pine Needle Rain Pola

Pine Needle Rain Pola is made of embroidery thread by FDY twisting as material, with the combination of tread manufacturing and Artificial fur technology. Its advantage is unique style with strong sense of three-dimensional effect for its technology. Among them, there is one type known as velvet-like fabric, belonging to winter commodity with high density and greater weight (over 400g). This is the first choice for making plush toys.

As people are pursuing better and higher quality consumption and looking for something new and different, the plush toys made of pine needle rain pola are able to show the characteristics of elegance, fashion and beauty with overall texture. They are liked by children and the young to express their individuality. There are many styles to choose from: soft, bright, simple but elegant and so on. They are gradually gaining more and more popularity among people due to its characteristics to custom their exclusive fashion. However, comparing with other plush material, pine needle rain pola happen to have the most serious phenomenon of adulteration. Therefore, the customers would be more cautious when they’re choosing plush toys of this type; while the manufacturers and business owners should avoid producing inferior-quality product from the source.


CF. KOHAIR is a type of plush made of polyester with moderate resilience. The appearance is spiral-like, the shape is similar to rose with a feel of fleece. The touching feel of CF. KOHAIR is very nice and comfortable with great thermal protection and elegant looking. And it is easy clean and wash, simple maintenance. The fabric of CF.KOHAIR is similar to women’s clothing and winter bed sheets. So they are close to skin and widely welcomed by the customers. Most plush bears in the market are made of CF. KOHAIR.       

Surely, the material of plush toys are not limited to all of above. In order to meet the needs of the mass, both manufacturer and business owner could provide plush custom service as their special needs and tastes. With the combination of the designated pattern or figures with the plush toys, the product is stylish and liked by the customers.

In this super developed social media era, many merchants have got used to broadcasting with various stunts but they ignore the quality issue of the plush material.

So from a long-term aspect, in order to gain a better development, they should not just pay attention to marketing and the immediate interest, but they should be aware of the quality of material to guarantee the customers’ best experience. By the introductions above, we hope to bring your key attention to the mainstream plush material so that the customers’ needs of individuality could be met and the desire of customizing plush toys could be served.

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