Design in 3 simple steps

Our unique PlushleLab Norm enables your idea to turn into reality with an incredible low cost of design and MOQ.

Let’s talk about your idea
of plush toy

First let us know your ideas. You may write an e-mail to communicate with us or you may directly fill in the form  to inform us about your plush product. We will let you know about the cost to make the prototype once we get to know your information.


Step 2

Order your plush prototype

You may test the market with the prototype. Contact us when you need to launch the mass production. Please inform us about the quantity you need and when you want to receive them.


We will let you know the price for mass production. If you agree with it, you will make a 50% of the total payment in advance. As soon as we receive your payment, we will arrange the production immediately and deliver the goods to you by your appointed date. Finally, you make the payment of the balance 50% to us when you confirm that the shipment you received is ok.

Step 3

Mass production

When you agree to make the prototype, please make the payment through the link below by either PayPal or credit card.


As soon as we receive the fee, we will start to make the prototype at once. Normally it takes one week to complete the prototype, during which we will keep a close contact with you. The final effect of the prototype will be confirmed by you based on photos. When you confirm everything is ready, we will send a sample to you. It takes 7-14 days for delivery.

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