Custom plush for small business

Starting from $99 (First 200 seats) 


That's the prototype fee.
By master worker who made plushies for Disney in the past 20 years.


NO MOQ required but More Quantities, More Discount.
Don't stock.

60 days

That's the processing time + shipping time. We proud for it.

PlushleLab helps you with the design, prototype and production of plush-related products.

At a cost of only 99 dollars, waiting for 2- 3 weeks, you will receive your ideal prototype customized for you. It enables you to test the reaction of market quickly with a very low cost before you make a decision on whether to launch a mass production.

No other company could provide more favourable prices with such a faster production speed than us.

Save Money and Time

Hello from China.

Our company is located in China. This is one of the reasons why we’re able to produce plush toys so quickly with a relatively lower price. We are cooperating with some best plush factories to guarantee the production with the best quality control. Surely, we are also able to design and produce a plush product of 500 dollars. It’s up to your commercial strategy.

How it works.

It’s easy. We will help you get through every step. 

Let’s talk about your idea of plush toy.

First let us know your ideas. You may write an e-mail to communicate with us or you may directly fill in the form at here.

Order your plush prototype.

When you agree to make the prototype, please make the payment through the link below by either PayPal or credit card.

Mass Production

Contact us when you need to launch the mass production.


Let’s discuss your project, or anything you’d like to know.

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Upload your design.
Size, color, function and other things.